About Us

We are Coordinated Ministries Inc. est. 1993

The mission of Coordinated Ministries is to unify the assitance ministries of the religious community, show God’s love, meet needs not being met by community agencies, and cooperate with social service agencies in meeting the needs of our community.

We are an ecumenical, religious organization, not another “money source” but a “people source” of aid, and Community Service Provider for Center Township Trustee.

We exist through generous donations of churches, organizations, and individuals of our wonderful community. Our service area includes Howard, Carroll, Cass, Clinton, Miami, and Tipton counties.

   Each year we serve over a thousand individuals and families. Our doors are open each weekday as a Day Shelter. Those in need may come in for a cup of coffee, a donut, and fellowship. Clients needing help can see the Supervisor who assesses their needs and helps them in accessing government and private assistance programs.

   CAM Inc. shelters up to 13 homeless men on any given night throughout the CAM building and through our Bill Hudson Project. Plus, three families are housed in our Family Hope Center, and 11 housed in our CAM Permanent Housing.

About CAM, Inc in 2018

We interviewed and worked with 977 People – 632 households

  • 202 children
  • 62 teens
  • 385 men
  • 328 women
  • 324, 33% Self-Reported being homeless, this includes HUD Definition and Couch Surfers

We housed 153 People, 107 Households. This includes 27 Children, 8 Teens, 99 Men, and 20 Women.
Everyone that enters our housing began as homeless

CAM Inc. In a Nutshell

Our Primary Goal – Moving People Out of Homelessness

Across the nation, why homelessness?

Low paying jobs, lack of affordable housing, lack of education, drug and alcohol abuse, medical/mental difficulties, or circumstances that arise in life. How do people move out of homelessness?

CAM provides a network of aid through our match-up with individuals, churches and agencies. People with no means to move out of homelessness cannot do it without a “hand-up”.

Reasons a person would need CAM

  • Keep housing
  • Find a place to live
  • Find a job
  • Use phone
  • Message center for receiving phone calls for work or housing
  • Safe address
  • Payee assitance
  • Transportation
  • Help filling out papers
  • Lost ID
  • Hygiene kits
  • Bicycles for a job
  • Waiting for appointments with other agencies
  • Help with drug & alcohol addictions
  • In jail, hospital, nursing home without any family to assist
  • Haircut
  • House cleaning
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Help moving
  • Table Top Ministry
  • Match Up Ministry
  • Bill Hudson Project for six men to rent a bed for $5 a night
  • 3 families assited in our Family Hope Center – with Supervisor
  • Permanent CAM Housing is assisted living, housing 11 people each night.

To achieve our primary goal – Matching people with Churches and people-to-people is key.