Representative Payee Ministry

Payee Representative Ministry

A primary way we help keep many people from being homeless is by financial guidance, as through our Representative Payee Ministry. By use of their own money, we pay debts and can guarantee payments for housing, set up prescription accounts; food accounts; house cleaning; animal care; and medical accounts.

CAM, Inc., in May 1993, was the first Representative Payee Organization in Howard County to serve the general public.

Representative Payees are required for individuals receiving certain types of monthly income for Social Security or Veteran disabilities. Organizations refer or Clients request this help from CAM, Inc. By having a ministering agency like CAM, Inc. to be Representative Payee, we have saved a lot of heartaches and stress for family members who previously had tried to serve as Payees.

We charge no fees and have developed a system of two signatures on each check with monthly reports of expenditures. Our Payee Bookkeeper fills out the checks and balances the checkbooks, but is not a signer. Therefore, Clients have safety. Clients also give input into the handling of their money. This helps Clients to be self-sufficient and maintain personal dignity, thus gaining self respect and courage to pursue a more effective life style. Our overall goal is not to just manage a person’s money, as a parent to child; our goal is to help persons gain control of their own lives, as much as possible. Many have become their own payee again, through our guidance and training.

We celebrate with our Payee Clients ~ such as, over a five-year period, one Client moved from living in her car to paying off her Habitat Home.

Without the assistance of Community First Bank, Harris Bank, Key Bank, PNC Bank, and First Bank of Berne, CAM could not have a payee ministry with safeguards.

Thanks to landlords, such as Bob Wylie, Shirley Graves, Ron Dubbles, Mick Daily, Susan Harding, and others who work closely with us and our Clients.

Also special thanks to Herbst Pharmacy, Marsh Pharmacy, and Dr. Mason who allow us to run accounts with them for our Clients.

For additional information, please call Melody Imbler, Payee Bookkeeper, at CAM – 765.452.8963.