Appreciation for Bill Hudson Project and CAM Inc.

To whom it may concern:

There are times in life when circumstances get to be beyond our control and a bad situation can turn worse. Such is the case when I found myself divorced, unemployed, and homeless. In my quest to seek employment and stability, I had all but given up and at some point had even begun drinking and drugging to maintain the emotional pain.

In desperation I called my aunt and uncle who were elderly and suffering with medical problems. My aunt had told me about an organization called CAM, a shelter. I replied there is no way to progress in a homeless shelter. She exclaimed it’s not a homeless shelter, but an organization with resources, so I had to go check it out.

I met with the Supervisor Kathy and we talked about my background skills, ambitions, motives, and dreams. She even helped me set some goals to work toward. Then she explained how CAM worked. This is not a shelter, it’s a structure with evolvement and purpose driven.In the morning they have use of a phone to make calls for interviews and a driver to take those who have no transportation. For those who stay at CAM, they help answer the phones, clean, and regain structure in their daily routine.

I finally gained employment and rejoining my children again almost looked possible. However, my drinking and substance abuse scared me, as I was not in denial. I was concerned for my monies. After the divorce, the banks would not allow me a checking or savings account. I was stunned. When I told Kathy about this, she said that’s alright and that Reverend Ruth Lawson would help open an account for my checks, and even help manage my money so I can have a chance to stabilize.

My job took me out of town to Pennsylvania where I was very alone and stressed out about my legal bills, child support, and just coping in general. Reverend Lawson somehow found time, even made time to call and take my calls almost every day sometime twice a day or more. The feeling of normalcy began to sink in again, and CAM would encourage me to stay on track and what God has in mind in his will, not mine.

After I had made it back home “To CAM” they had made me feel so welcomed as though we had known each other for years. CA< has counseled with me and helped me to gain the confidence and courage to move back with my children. They have even reached out to help me find temporary housing with a CAM voluteer, so I would have the time to find employment and continue to be stabilized.

I am not sure how far CAM is willing to help this guy (me), but CAM has been a Godsend in so many ways. In fact, I don’t think there has been another who has had an impact on my life in my time of need. It amazes me how caring and examples of love show us do much.

The saying goes that a friend in need is a friend in deed. Well I have proof that it’s true, and if CAM ever has a need, I will be the “friend indeed” – they have me. I don’t know how the Staff and Volunteers of CAM do it, find the time, have the patience, show you care, even share the joy, but you are surely an asset in my life and a necessity to all.

May God bless you for all you do. Thank you so much. Your friend and confidant – JB

  • “46 days” – Taking a Client to put his money down on an apartment, he said, “46 days is how long it took me”. From homelessness, to sleeping at CAM, to finding a job, to saving enough money to move into his own apartment – 46 days.

  • “CAM is a safe, unobtrusive, unconditional shelter for individuals to frequent, giving them a place of belonging, direction, and support”. – Intern

  • “It is imperative to give Clients a sense of security before steps can be taken to improve their quality of life”. – Intern