The Family Hope Center

CAM, Inc. opened the Family Hope Center in 2009

This is the only Family Emergency Shelter in Kokomo. Family Worship Center, Transitions of Kokomo LLC purchased 320 E Walnut and is leasing the house to CAM, Inc for $1 a year. CAM raised over $25,000 for the renovations completed by many match-up churches, volunteers, and a grant from the City of Kokomo. CAM is responsible for the upkeep, insurances, utilities, food, supplies, and emergency needs of the families

The Family Hope Center began by serving “one Family at a Time”. Presently, while community programs exist for women, women and children, and single men, there was not a family shelter in Howard, Tipton, or surrounding Counties.
From 2009 to 2016, we have housed 306 people = 86 Dads, 80 Moms, and 140 children.
For many families, homelessness is just a disappointment away. Already living paycheck to paycheck, with no financial reserves, the loss of employment or illness/injury to one of the providers may be all it takes to push them over the edge into homelessness.

As we are able to maintain the integrity of the family, we believe it may be possible to prevent family break-ups during a time of desperate vulnerability. The desire to “keep the family together” is the reason many families opt to sleep in cars or under bridges.

The Family Hope Center, with Kathy Esslinger, Brenda Underwood, and other case managers, assist to equip families to address life-issues, move toward stable employment, achieve financial stability, increase parenting skills, and promote higher education for each generation in their family. Regardless of the life-events that resulted in the loss of their home, we serve as a catalyst to problem-solving and goal achievement.